The award winning TARDIS aluminium dross pressing and cooling system is the most efficient and cost effective dross recycling system in the world, with over 190 installations operating in all sectors of the international aluminium industry.

The new TARDIS Generation 11 includes many unique features to increase durability and performance, and the original TARDIS systems are fully upgradeable to the latest specification – allowing customers to benefit from increased performance simply and economically at their own site.


Altek TARDIS – Total Dross Management Solutions

Since July 2009, both the ALTEK and former TARDIS technical teams have been working hard on integrating the two technologies to provide their customers with the very latest dross press technology, incorporating the best features from both systems coupled with the experience gained from over 350 installations all over the world on all types of furnaces, alloys, dross types etc.

Benefits of TARDIS Generation II over original TARDIS machine,

  1. Fully automated system with full length door and pan and proximity sensors
  2. Depending on the skill of the forklift driver time taken between skimming and pressing is reduced
  3. Our RHINO-CAST skim pans and moulded cooling press head technologies rapidly cools and presses the dross more effectively
  4. Positioning of equipment on and around the press (in which positioning is flexible to meet the customer’s needs) in conjunction with an advanced PLC system leads to quick detection of problems and easier overall maintenance
  5. A gap (with light curtain) between the bottom of the door detects spillages so the door will not be welded shut
  6. The press design and materials used are more robust and thus will have a greater durability and a longer life span


If you have an existing TARDIS unit it is possible to upgrade it with the very latest features of the Generation II press. These new features will improve productivity, safety and reliability without the need to purchase a new dross press.

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