Recycling solutions for the Aluminium Industry

The award winning TARDIS aluminium dross pressing and cooling system is the most efficient and cost effective dross recycling system in the world, with over 190 installations operating in all sectors of the international aluminium industry.

The new TARDIS Generation 11 includes many unique features to increase durability and performance, and the original TARDIS systems are fully upgradeable to the latest specification – allowing customers to benefit from increased performance simply and economically at their own site.

Upgrade your TARDIS unit

If you have an existing TARDIS unit it is possible to upgrade it with the very latest features of the Generation II press. These new features will improve productivity, safety and reliability without the need to purchase a new dross press.

Benefits for this upgrade can include:

  • Fully automated operation
  • Faster pressing cycles
  • Vertical door lift reduces required press space
  • Low upgrade and installation costs
  • Short payback period
  • More efficient head cooling and pressing system
  • Avoidance of original TARDIS press head tip breaking
  • Improved safety
  • A high quality, independent fume filtration system
  • New low maintenance and efficient hydraulic system
  • New electrical system with user friendly interface

‘Recent upgrade of model TARDIS 1062 with new upgrades including:

  • Fully automatic door
  • New style Press Head
  • Latest generation hydraulic and electrical controls.’